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Dexter Surge Protector 5

Код: Surge 5

Dexter Surge Protector 5

  • Производител: Other
Цена: 14.20лв.
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Protects computers and electrical/electronic devices against the effects such as surges and lightning existing in mains.


  • Nominal Current: 10Amp


  • Voltage Range: 250 VAC, 50Hz.


  • Clamping Voltage: 1200 VAC


  • Maximum Energy: 1


Lines Full Type Energy Protection P-N


  • Max. Current: 8000 Amper


  • Max. Spike Voltage: 6000 V


  • Response Time: <1 Nanosecond


On/Off Switch 238 Joule Surge Protection Capacity 5 Outlets with Children Safety Shutters Right Angled

Outlets for Practical Use 10 Amp Circuit Breaker Heavy Duty Power Cord and Cable Fire Resistant Plastic Case

Производител: Other

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